I Don’t Need You Poisoning my Water!

Lies, lies; it’s all lies. I don’t trust what the government or big corporations say about water pollution—or anything else having to do with the environment. They tell you what you want to hear so you won’t start ranting and raving. Without it, however, there would be more Flint, Michigans. I do make my voice heard when an issue like clean water becomes a concern. There are far too many cases of toxic poisoning in key areas of the country, not to mention the entire world. It takes effort, but it is the role of government and utility companies who want to exist within the law to make sure our drinking water is safe. Laws are fairly recent, all things considered, and opinions about fluoride have been varied over the last century. I suppose this is the case for other chemicals that may be beneficial but also harmful. For me, it is best for them to stay out of it. Stop the additives like fluoride. Sure, it is said to prevent cavities in kids, but is that my responsibility? Certainly, a municipal government does not have the right to add stuff we don’t want or need. Kids can use fluoride enriched toothpaste.

Many faucets now have built-in water filters, just as they have instant hot water. This must be profitable for the manufacturers given the concern afoot. I hear they sell like hotcakes. They just didn’t have it when I first chose my kitchen or bathroom faucets. Now it is a routine feature. You can use filtering systems without a faucet, but I find there to be too much cleanup of the plastic containers. If you want to improve your water and make it potable and pure, opt for a faucet accessory as your best bet.

Water tastes terrible in many places, encouraging citizens to think that it is polluted. So, additives are used in great volumes to improve the situation. Wary of what the utility company is doing, in line with the law or not, I have resorted to using a reverse osmosis filter in my kitchen faucet. It will improve the taste first and foremost, and equally important it will remove chemicals like fluoride. I know that chemicals in water in certain parts of the country are not lethal or we would certainly hear about it. The media and people on Facebook are quick to jump on perpetrators of pollution. There are far too many historical cases for us to ignore the problem. I count on the pubic to raise an outcry, but I must take matters in my own hands at this point apart from complaining to the officials. Installing a filter may be a symbolic gesture, but it makes me happy and more apt to drink my own tap water. I do not find it to use bottled water to wash my face or brush my teeth!