Rally Time!

Stand up for business and political corruption and join my blog readers. We can all rant and rave together and make our voices heard. I am not trying to be funny, although I do have a good sense of humor. But I draw the line when it comes to the dark side of things. I hate the idea of the little guy getting screwed and it happens all too often. I want to help the naïve and experienced see reality in its true light. There is so much information on the Internet that there is no excuse for ignorance. However, this is another topic about which to give an opinion.

Shining a light on corruption takes responsibility and I have enough for us all. I encourage you to march right up to every corrupt political and corporate monster and demand our due. Get the picture? Remember that old movie lie, “I’m mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore?” (Network, 1976) It’s also a Twisted Sister lyric. Are you worked up yet? If not, give me time. I believe in the power of the citizens at the grass roots level. While there are a lot of movers and shakers out there, it is my time to participate.

But let me turn to another topic today to cool things down. I recently attended an outdoor rally in support of political change and the organizer stood on the back of a pickup using the best tailgate speakers I’ve seen to address the crowd. T be clear, these portable speakers operate on a rechargeable battery giving them up to fifty hours of non-stop use. I mention this because they are a dynamic and powerful system with Bluetooth connectivity and a power bank. They use an app for control. They are perfect for public speaking. They come with an AM/FM radio with a bright clear display. What I noticed the most was the microphone.

I was totally inspired by the speaker’s words and advanced preparation to reach the crowd. I just want to pass the word on. In fact, I am thinking of starting a petition on Change.com. A rally is a very effective way to excite a crowd and get people moving in the desired direction. Whether you are for or against the federal government, scream a hearty no to abortion, or want freedom of religion for Scientology, there are hot issues right now to debate. Don’t sit back and relax and let the status quo reign.

Are corporations polluting our natural resources and cutting down our precious forests? Should Native Americans have special privileges with regard to their land? Is it time to get rid of the Electoral College? I can think of countless questions that need answers. While I am not ready yet to reveal my political affiliation, I want to fight for basic rights such as the right to bear arms. Of course, I believe in free speech. I will not be stifled or suppressed.