Should You Trust the Big Banks?

Certain causes are dear to my heart, but I am often on a rant about any type of shadiness in business or politics. After all, I am the Field Commander of the March Against Corruption. I want to shine a light on the dark side of the world, especially those corporate monsters who abuse their power. Today it is all about the large banks. There’s new legislation in the works where citizens will no longer be able to sue large banks for anything — even though banking practices have led to market crashes, fraudulent accounts being opened (Wells Fargo) and even the potential identity theft of millions. So, what should you do with your money? I don’t trust the “big banks.” How about you?

I think we should do something else with our money and we aren’t making much interest anyway. Bank accounts are supposed to be the safest investment but, in reality, they have made up this huge lie. You lose ground to even modest inflation. The bank is the worst place to keep your money as you are way behind other investors. There are safe vehicles out there that guarantee your principal, even in market downturns. This brilliant investment is an indexed annuity and it works in tandem with the S&P 500. Another way to survive is to put at least a good deal of your money in gold. Either way, the banks won’t be able to screw with my money. It is a matter of principle.

Speaking of gold, I have this crazy idea to get a gold panning kit from https://www.findingafortune.net/best-gold-panning-kits-and-gold-sluice-reviews/. I saw one on Shark Tank and was taken with the process. It makes since given my current attitude toward gold. What fun to go out with friends for a day to a known spot where this precious metal has been found from time to time. We could enjoy the nice weather, sit by the river, have a picnic lunch, and hopefully get rich. Ha! Seriously, I love the idea just in case it works. With the right instruction and tools, I hear that it is entirely possible. There are specific places you must go. Looking into the subject, I found all kinds of kits. We have come way past the old metal dish with sieve. Now you can get cool plastic buckets designed just for panning. Sure, you get a few rocks along the way to riches, but some are nice to look at. Kids love it for sure. Maybe I am a big kid at heart. I just wish I were in Fairbanks, Alaska. This is the gold panning hot spot in the United States. Our local river once had a lode, so I am going to take my chances. You can’t lose if you are out with friends for a good time.

The Gold Prospector’s Association of America has steered the way for my new endeavor. They warn you that you can’t take gold dust home as it flows right through the barrier in the bucket. I don’t have big expectations, but I am set for a good time.