Taking Care of What Matters

Friends are a priority in my life. I can be engrossed in fighting corruption at its roots and take a breather to take care of what matters—helping a friend. One night, I got a call and she sounded in a panic. She had hurt her back and was laid up in bed. Some neighbors were coming over to check on her and she was worried that they would find the place a mess, causing her much embarrassment.

She didn’t have to ask. I volunteered to pop in as soon as I could. It’s a good thing that she has the best upright vacuum I’ve seen, so it would be really quick to run it all over the floors, after when I would straighten up and cook a meal. I am no saint. Anyone would do the same for a friend in need. I would certainly appreciate it if something happened to me to put me out of commission.

I think we need to contemplate our priorities and make a check list of our responsibilities. We get so busy that we forget the near and dear in our lives. Do you call your parents regularly? Do you have a relationship with a sister or brother? Are friends able to contact you to help in a pinch or are you an isolated sole? Would you ever vacuum for someone infirmed?

Sometimes we must step out of our normal boundaries when duty calls. My normal ones are social and political corruption of any kind. I stood aside this time and was at the ready as domestic help. In fact, I don’t even vacuum at home.  It was a good lesson in extending yourself. Not only are good friends a priority, but they are my life. I talk a lot about other things, but I felt I needed to express my love and concern for others once in a while. A blog is a great way to open up new paths to self-understanding.

My friend got better and I only had to clean and vacuum a few times. The last time I showed up to do my “job,” she greeted me with a plate of fresh homemade cookies and her specialty coffee. It was a small thank you but was absolutely enough. She didn’t have to go on and on about my loyalty. With the best of friends, you can read each other’s mind. Before I get maudlin, I want to reveal one more thing. I have lost friends before due to stupid arguments and I want to caution you to never let a disagreement go that far. You can have your differences, even about politics, and stay friends. Nothing is worth giving up the treasure that is a true friend. I hope I can help someone again as it gets me to look past my mundane life. Yes, we need to attend to the corruption in the word, but we also need to nurture the people in our lives.