Who Benefits from a Healthcare Mess?

Healthcare in this country is a mess. The old system wasn’t working, the new system doesn’t work, and now that it is broken in a bunch of ways they can’t even agree on how to put it back together.

So they’re just going to let it destroy itself and blame the other guy.

In the meantime, the rest of us (because you know that everybody in Washington has insulated themselves from the situation. They have created a sweet program for themselves and have made sure that it’s affordable for themselves and their families, since they appoint themselves their own salaries, raises, benefits, and retirement packages. Our own military doesn’t get to do that, and they’re ACTUALLY in service to this country.) get bigger and bigger hospital bills and premiums, have our policies canceled, and watch doctor’s offices and hospitals close their doors all around us because they can’t get paid.

Clearly, having the insurance industry in such a mess is not going to benefit the people who depend on health insurance to keep themselves and their families alive. I’m losing money hand over fist for less and less care. And the doctors, nurses, and the technicians aren’t making enough to even pay back the loans they were forced to take in order to pay for that fancy education they need to give us the best care they can.

In other words, you’re getting billed $10 for a single acetaminophen at the ER not because it costs them that much, but because they’re trying to recoup some of the money that Johnny-No-Insurance isn’t going to pay off of his bill. And why doesn’t Johnny have insurance? Because his premium’s too high for him to afford food and his diabetes medication at the same time, so he only goes to the ER when he’s in insulin shock.

Of course the crux of the problem here is that the medication would be cheaper than all those ER visits over the long run. However, the insurance company doesn’t pay enough of the price – but they will pay for some of the ER care when he’s about to die from this disease he can’t even treat. And there’s nothing the hospital can do except take care of the guy and then send him on his way with a “See you again real soon, Johnny.” Until he drops dead from diabetes complications.

So, the question remains, who is benefitting from all this? Politicians rode healthcare right to the ballot box and won, and haven’t delivered on a single promise to make things better for the people. You want to be really disgusted? Look up how much the CEO of Aetna made in 2015.I’ll save you the trouble. It was 17.3 million. That’s right. They’re not covering your surgery because they consider it an unnecessary procedure, and cutting off your physical therapy because you should be better by now, and that ONE GUY is making 17 million dollars.

You know where a lot of that money comes from? Stock. So he doesn’t care whether he’s running the best insurance company with happy customers who are getting the best deal for their premiums. Instead, he’s concerned over how much more he can eke out of his stock price because that money goes right into his own pocket!

This type of corruption and disservice to the people needs to stop.